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About Me

My name is Sarah Slaven and I write PeaPillyBean*, a blog title that morphs the four cutesy baby names my husband Glenn and I cooed lovingly in our infants ears as they writhed in our arms screaming on the top of their lungs at 3:00am in the morning. During each of my pregnancies I suffered from Hyperemesis Gravidarum, a condition which convinces your brain that the only way to keep the baby growing happily inside you is to vomit up the lining of your stomach every 15min or so. I was told after the first pregnancy that this was most likely going to be the way my body handles the production of new humans, so of course I did the sensible thing. I went back 3 more times.

During the last 8 years Glenn and I have moved around living the lives of suburban nomads. We have dragged out the cardboard boxes 7 times for various reasons, the last being that the house we were renting was sold from under us while I was in the last trimester of pregnancy. Moving house when you’re that big is not fun. This house we’re in now is ours and we’re watering it regularly and hoping the roots will grow. House is in desperate need of repair, and so begins a new phase in our lives DIY renovators. With one of us highly skilled in all things computer nerdy (Glenn) and the other a desperately out of practice artist (um, me) this venture should be interesting.

This blog is a place were I can collect me memories before my already baby warped brain succumbs to the inevitable and terminates all function. Also I am hoping it will be a nurturing environment to foster creativity, or at least shame me into bringing to life some of the ideas I have had and done nothing with for so long. Say a little pray for my sanity, I think I need it.

* the asterisk is there for a reason

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