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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Guess who just turned three?

Posted on by sarah

Lani, Eli and Lilly wanted to surprise Sabi with her own “on her actual birthday” cake, even though her party will be at the end of November with Eli’s. I let them do the whole thing themselves, right down to finding the ingredients at the supermarket. Continue reading

The Amazon at home

Posted on by sarah

Our church has been laying new carpet. This means the biggest cardboard rolls we’ve ever gotten our hands on are just laying around the place and since we are studying the continent of South America, and looking closely at Brazil, when I saw them I immediately thought tree trunks. Continue reading

The Sensory Gym

Posted on by sarah

This term Eli has been going to weekly therapy sessions at a place called The Sensory Gym. Eli has Asperger’s and Sensory Integration Disorder a string of big fancy terms … Continue reading

Sydney Children's festival 2011

Posted on by sarah

We went to the Sydney Children’s festival again this year, actually we were very game and went twice. Continue reading

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