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Category Archives: TV

Spelling for Whovians

Posted on by glenn

I was totally failing at keeping my ASD seven year old in the room long enough to even hear the words we were trying to learn let alone attempt to spell them. I realised that one of the word families we were working on was the `ood` family. Yay I know that family, those weird squishy, tentacle faced, hive brained singing dudes, I know them and better than that Eli does too. Continue reading

Cheese Sprinkling TV Stars

Posted on by sarah

We were on TV!!!! Well mostly Lilly. She has a solo, close up moment in My Kitchen Rules when they are discussing the Spaghetti and Meatball people. The camera captures … Continue reading

Dalek Wiggles

Posted on by sarah

I’m so glad to see the new and improved Daleks are paying homage to Australian culture. Now I’m wondering if they have inherited some of the amazing mind control powers … Continue reading

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