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so here we go……………………………….hey you know what, a years worth of thoughts is hard to get down on the page, or screen or what ever we call it nowadays (note to self if you’re going to keep claiming to be young at heart stop talking like a grandma).

What to write, what to write…..hey Castle’s on TV. Now to face the weekly dilemma….hmmm to watch or not to watch…….it’s so incredibly corny…….it really is a bad show…….oh shoot the Captain just made me laugh I’m stuck. Apparently being a loyal Browncoat crosses genres, Nathan Fillion you make me watch junk.

Ok so quick rundown of the year gone written with half a brain focused on a tacky American cop show. Well, we plodded along with homeschooling. All kids are still enjoying it, whenever Lani’s friend asks her if I could send her to the school she goes to Lani shoots me a wide eyed panicked look and mouths “You wouldn’t would you?” to which I reply through a combination of terribly acted mime and exaggerated silent words “Not if you keep working well at home” and for the most part they do.

They get up before me, get themselves breakfast complete their music practice and their online maths program without having to be asked (sometimes having a house of antsy people addicted to routines can work in your favour). They have however all learnt this year that mummy and daddy aren’t pushovers and will require them to keep plugging away at things that get tough like music and swimming lessons if we deem them a necessary life skill, or hey, if we’re ticked off by forking out large amounts of cash to set them up with an instrument and a good teacher only to have them turn around and say learning guitar is the worst possible thing we have ever asked him to do….why do you always make me do things that hurt my hands and are really boring…… This Is The Most Boring Thing EVER!!!…….. You can’t catch me ha ha ha …………You can’t catch me!!!!…….

Teacher “ Hey Eli did really well in his lesson today”

Eli “That’s because I’m really good, I can always play it without making mistakes, can we get a Slurpee before we go home?”

Just breath.

They’ve all occasionally hit their walls in different subjects/activities and we’ve calmly handed out chisels and hammers and helped them chip their way through. or we’ve freaked out , sent them to Grandma’s and taken the day off, but that’s what homeschooling’s all about isn’t it?


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