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Category Archives: Autism

My little bean has autism

Posted on by sarah

Sabi was officially diagnosed with autism this week. It’s odd really, sort of like we bought a soccer ball, studded boots and team colours four years ago and we’ve been kicking that ball around the field every day since but we have only just gotten around to joining the club. Continue reading

Why showers aren’t good for the heart and playgrounds stress me

Posted on by sarah

I just had one of those moments, you know the one where you’re sure the whole world is looking at you and not in a good way? “I shouldn’t have … Continue reading


Posted on by sarah

I wrote a post, it’s something I haven’t done in a while but I was so moved by a conversation I had with my 8 year old boy with Asperger’s that I didn’t want to trust the beauty of it to the decaying files of uncategorised images I loosely call my memory. Continue reading

The lessons Doctor Who is teaching my ASD kid

Posted on by sarah

Eli is pretty obsessed with Doctor Who, in autistic terms it’s his special interest. Rather than fighting his desire to live in the Doctor’s universe I’ve chosen to dive in with him, it doesn’t hurt that the show is all shades of awesome. Continue reading

The Sensory Gym

Posted on by sarah

This term Eli has been going to weekly therapy sessions at a place called The Sensory Gym. Eli has Asperger’s and Sensory Integration Disorder a string of big fancy terms … Continue reading

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