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Tag Archives: Softies

I finally made something other than a wall.

Posted on by sarah

This little flower sprite was for a baby dedication I was aiming for the type of flower sprite that could hide in the garden and appear to be a blossom … Continue reading

Softies for Mirabel

Posted on by sarah

Around about this time (sorry never been very good with dates) marks a momentous occasion. It was nowish last year that I gave up on living the life of a … Continue reading

The Doll is finished, finally

Posted on by sarah

The poor sewing machine is still in the hospital having his knob seen to, so it has taken me a little longer than the one night promised to finish this doll. The little girl who was in the car accident turned up for half a day today and collected the mountain of get well gifts off her desk. Continue reading

The Doll designer

Posted on by sarah

Lani’s little friend at school was injured in a car accident. The whole class made cards to send to her while she was in hospital. Then the next day in … Continue reading

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