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Tag Archives: The House

Update on Eli’s loft bed.

Posted on by sarah

Life has been a bit of a blur lately, mainly because my glasses are constantly covered in sawdust. Glenn is working on the cleaver bolt thingies Dad came up with … Continue reading

My Place & Yours – Yellow

Posted on by sarah

I am really not a yellow person. Not that I have anything against yellow loving individuals however I have always held the belief that they would be just a little … Continue reading

Nobody like me, everybody hates me, Think I’ll go…

Posted on by sarah

  We got a worm farm, Woot!, yay! and all that. It’s actually quite exciting. Glenn even went to a seminar at Bunning’s in which the guy running the seminar … Continue reading

My place and Yours – Favourite spot in the house

Posted on by sarah

I’ve got to admit this one was not easily answered. I don’t really have any feelings of attachment to this place yet. I don’t feel like I have made this … Continue reading

successful stripping

Posted on by sarah

LOOK, LOOK, LOOK!!!! the icky yucky black stuff is coming off the floor, WooHoo!!! It is so officially Happy Dance time, come on join me one…two…three…kick, one…two…three…kick! The not very … Continue reading

Fitting two kids in a tiny room – Part One

Posted on by sarah

Renovation update, we have totally given up on the lounge room for now. After a years work involving ripping plastic wood cladding off the walls, finding and repairing whopping great … Continue reading

There’s a house with a wall, with a wall, with a ???

Posted on by sarah

Why does my head sing playschool songs while renovating??? Must be the tedium, or the monotony or the tiny bits of paint dust that fly up my nose and lodge themselves in the gray matter. Must really check if this stuff is lead-based Continue reading

A little DIYTLC

Posted on by sarah

Poor neglected House has gotten some long over due attention today. My trusty little assistant and I began the exfoliation treatment this morning while Sabi slept. I have to admit, … Continue reading

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