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Glenn being the super nerd that he is is often on the computer for a long time, me on the other hand, I am more used to old fangled technology and can on more than one occasion be found with, wait for it, Oh My goodness, paper and pencil in hand, Glenn calls me the tree killer and I feel bad I really do, poor trees, just beastly.

Anywho, trying to be a good wife, or at least a one that can communicate with her husband, I ventured into the world of social networking. He kept going on and on about this thing called Facebook, and how great it was, how we would be able to talk during the day, how it would bring us closer rada rada rada…

So I joined up, found long lost friends, relatives and people I had completely forgotten I ever knew. Glenn was right we could chat during the day share funny things we had just heard or even show pictures. Facebook was addictive, why hadn’t I joined this years ago.

Then all of a sudden Glenn wasn’t there, his name stopped popping up in the feed, he didn’t post any pictures, didn’t respond to chat, oh no I’ve lost my husband! Thankfully he still came home each night so I could ask him were on earth he was. Apparently face book was old all the cool kids were Tweeting. So like a virtual blood hound tracking my husband through cyberspace, I joined Twitter. But being the techno infant that I am I found it a little confusing and I only knew Glenn and one other person on there. I tried to tweet, I really did, tweet tweet. But I found it hard to think of any tweeting thing to say, and after only about a week Glenn completely disappeared again anyway.

Its at this point when I tell him if he just wants me off the internets he can just ask, he doesn’t have to hide from me. He just laughs and says its not that, he’s just found something else much cooler called FriendFeed, Its a fast moving world this internets stuff. I was pretty hesitant at having a go at the FriendFeed thing after completely failing at the tweeting business.

I shouldn’t have worried FriendFeed is great full of interesting people. Its really easy to get to know people as well you just follow your interests, click on the things you like and hey you’ve met someone new. FriendFeed has an open air feel to it. If Facebook is your favourite café or bar, a small little place with walls were you know everyone then FriendFeed is the city with all its streets, parks and meeting arias. Don’t get me wrong I like Facebook just like I like chatting with friends over a coffee, but there is something exciting about wandering the FriendFeed streets and taking in the eclectic bunch of people you meet there. Plus you get to take part in really cool things like the FriendFeed swaps box which just turned up at our house today. This little box is making its way around the world (real world that is) and when you get it you get to laugh at the post cards from strangely named places, eat overseas lollies take photos with a paper doll named Flat Stanley then add your own stuff and send it on. how cool is that. I will post some photos of what Flat Stanley gets up to at our house and it you want to see what else he’s been doing around the world you can visit the FriendFeed swaps group.

You can follow me on FriendFeed here, and Glenn is here.

Sabrina on the box  Opening the box

Sabrina opening the box

The town is called what?  Ube cakes!

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