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Miss Lilly Pilly’s actual birthday was yesterday and I know I probably should have posted this then but really by the end of it I was just to exhausted.

Now I don’t normally go in for the whole hacking on your own child post but seriously sometimes you just need to vent. I had a whole day planned, I was going to seriously spoil this child. See she’s had a little few issues since the bubby has become upwardly mobile and I wanted her to feel special. I imagined taking them out to lunch, maybe a café anyone for giant chocolate milk shakes?? not this one apparently.

From the moment she woke up and became 5, something she’s been dying to do all year, she became little miss I Don’t Need To Do What You Say And You Can’t Make Me. The more I reminded her of my set in stone policy of not going out for special lunches without some proof first that the children I take with me wont set fire to the table cloths, the worse the behaviour got.  In the end we didn’t go anywhere and Lani spent the afternoon screaming “Why can’t you just behave so we can go out” at her sister.

I know it was probably all my fault, it always is right, always blame the parents. But things in my world seem a little full at the moment and I’m fighting sadness and not too good at the pre-emptive strike on potentially explosive behaviour. Meh, you live and learn I now know the third one in line does not like to be the centre of attention (she’s been fine today and actually improved yesterday after all talk of spoiling Lilly was put away). The day ended well though. When everyone came back from all the places that they go during the day we rang my sister and opened presents and Lilly even remembered her manners.

New bracelet

The beautiful bracelet my sister gave Lilly with a tiny pink teddy on it.

Jewlery box

Fairy staring.

Music box

This music box also from Jill has been carried around and wound up and wound up all day today. In fact it has been played so much that at one point today I found Eli under the table bashing his ears saying “make it stop, make it stop!”


Jill didn’t leave out the other two either sending them the tiniest ever game of connect four which they love and look, what’s that on Eli’s head? Yes a black beanie. Just what you need in an Aussie March, but he’s thrilled now he’s even BLACKER!

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6 Responses to Miss 5

  1. Liz P says:

    Don’t blame yourself. Adam and Eve had the perfect parent and they still sinned. 😉

  2. Han says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks for sharing – sounds like there’s lots on your plate still, as usual… sorry to hear you are “fighting sadness” (know that feeling well)… hope you feel better – and refreshed – soon. Han xx

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank’s guys I was kinda tongue in cheek about blaming me and you don’t need to worry Han I’m much more up today. I have been following the story of Layla Grace who had neuroblastoma and just found out she had just died. Sometimes the brokenness of this world is blindingly obvious.

  4. Liz P says:

    Lily, I found this poem and it reminded me of the one you recited at our poetry afternoon tea. I hope you like it. I think it’s actually a slightly different version of the same poem, but this one has pictures 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    Thanks Liz, I’ll show it to Lilly in the morning I’m sure she’ll love it!

  6. Liz P says:

    Sarah, do you mind if I link back to this post on our new blog?

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