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Whoops I seem to have forgotten to write for a while.

No real reason just my brain filled up, there has just been too much, way to much new information shoved in there recently that I think it has caused a blockage. Can you get a brain block? It’s not like writer’s block, I have things to say, events I would love to share, memories I’m desperate to record. It’s just the times I’ve gone to write them down all the other stories, facts and thoughts have rushed forward like a crowded football stadium trying to evacuate. Everyone clambering over each other yelling and screaming and declaring themselves the most important and most worthy to be saved first. Bunch of hooligans. Wish my thoughts would just shut up and line up patiently then we all might have a chance to get out alive. 

Maybe I need to be more authoritative…where did I put my megaphone?

Right now how to do this justly? Who was here first?


or was it


or should I start with Christmas presents because that one will look the silliest the further we get away.

Maybe I should ask the cat what he thinks the dog has been entirely useless so far. 


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7 Responses to Once upon a time I used to write a blog

  1. Sally says:

    Welcome back Sarah! At least the brain block wasn’t nearly two years -like mine 🙂
    Jonas is looking amazingly still on that table next to the cat. I think a photo of Denny on a table would involve him lying down with his paws over his eyes trying to back up next to the wall, like someone afraid of heights suddenly finding themselves on the see-thru glass platform at Centrepoint.

  2. Sarah Slaven says:

    Oh hi I didn’t know you were posting again yay new blog to read. Hope there are heaps of biddy baby photos.

  3. Tabitha says:

    Ah, I just thought you were off having an awesome holiday somewhere 🙂 Glad to see you back.

  4. Sarah Slaven says:

    Hi Tabitha we did squeeze in a holiday I really should write about it 🙂

  5. Jill Grant says:

    I should send you a shot of my baby dog on the table hey?
    Great to see you writing again. Loved the Galaxy Boy, he’s such a dream. Miss Eli and would love to skype with him any time he wants to tell me all about his adventures on his Ipod. great shots of him and Glen too. Wishing you could all come back up again NOW!!!
    Love you and looking forward to more reads now your fingers are working again………

    PS I just loved looking up Lani’s nose last skype!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Pete kept saying “tell her to hold it up like a mirrow!!!” I don’t think she was getting that though………….

  6. Sarah Slaven says:

    Oh that’s too funny about Lani I’ll have to check her nose for snot before I let her Skype again.
    And YES Jill you have to send a photo of Quin on your table, it’s your challenge for the week and I’ll post it up here if you do. Maybe I’ll make it a new blog feature weekly photos of pets on tables.

  7. Madeline says:

    Welcome back! You’ve been missed. 🙂

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