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I have to start this by saying I am so proud of my Glenn he has raised $902 for cancer research. I also want to thank everyone who gave so generously. When we all work together we can do great things. The money raised will go towards making the lives and treatment plan of people suffering with cancer more bearable and to scientific research into how to kill this cancer beast once and for all. If you would like to read more specific information about the Leukaemia Foundation’s use of donations look here. DSC02084

The Peapillybean family’s Worlds Greatest Shave got off to a tearful start with Lillian jumping on her Daddy and sobbing “NO don’t do it don’t cut your curls off….waaahhh….”  Which is why we chose to do it at the end of her birthday party and not before.


She got over it though when we said she could have the first cut, however when one sugar filled excitement charged birthday party kiddie gets to play with scissors….


….they all want too.

Glenn’s internal voice at this point in time was screaming “NOOOO this is not what I signed up for!!!” actually I’m pretty sure, if I remember rightly, his very loud and pleading external voice said the same thing.


Is that fear I see behind that smile. Don’t think badly of him, he has a sensitive scalp, poor dear.


Also I think the scissors were blunt.DSC02114

We found a place that takes hair donations to make wigs for cancer patients so we put all the cut hair in a box. Lillian fiercely guarded the box of her Daddy’s hair and wouldn’t let anyone else hold it.


Birdies, Zebras and little Black Kitty cats all became expert Hairdressers.


But one sooky Lion was still very apprehensive about the whole thing. I was really surprised by the kids reactions, Lani and Lilly were so sad to see their Daddy shaved and Eli wouldn’t have a bare of it, wouldn’t even watch. Sabi on the other hand couldn’t care less everyone kept asking her where her daddy’s hair was and she just pointed to his head with a look that said “On his head duh,”


It was too much for Lilly when Glenn’s ears were permanently uncovered from their blanket of curls.


It was too much for Glenn when we let the iddy biddy kiddies at the scissors.


I think all the other party animals coming back for seconds put Lani to shame…


…and she finally had a go….


…and Glenn immediately wished she hadn’t. He’s not a woose I tell you, it was the scissors, they were blunt. At least that’s what we’re claiming anyway.


We didn’t let the kids use the clippers, I know we’re spoil sports, it’s just that I do like his ears and I wanted him to keep them.









Near the end of the shaving the kids decided he needed the clipped hair shoved up his nostrils. No idea why but it was funny from my side of the camera.


Lillian mourning the loss of Daddy’s curls. DSC02171

And it all ended with the required head rub.

Now every afternoon I get to jump out of my skin every time the terrifying bald stranger walks in the back door. I guess it’ll take some getting used to.

If you would like to see Glenn’s fundraising page or if you were holding out to donate till you saw the evidence go here.

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11 Responses to Cutting the Curls for Cancer

  1. Kathryn Coard says:

    It was certainly good fun. I remember Glenn being rather concerned about the safety of his ears! The kids were disappointed that they couldn’t have a go with the clippers.

  2. Gail says:

    Glenn was a great sport. The kids had a WOW of a time cutting all the curls off. I have fun witht the clippers. Thanks Glenn for letting me cut your hair and making it a fun thing to do for the kids. lol!

  3. Sarah Slaven says:

    Thanks Gail for helping out, you were so patient with all the kids.

  4. jill grant says:

    Well here is the total amount raised to add to Glenn’s pot. The kids will have to work out the actual figure though.I will list the denominations and how many of each so they can calculate the final sum………
    1 x $5.00 note
    33 x $2.00 coins
    31 x $1.00 coins
    64 x 50cent coins
    167 x 20cent coins
    178 x 10cent coins
    282 x 5cent coins
    I wonder what the total of that will be???????
    Much love Aunty Jill and Undie Pete.
    ps when you putting up a blog entry of your family holiday up here, we’re still waiting…………..
    Miss you all heaps

  5. Sarah Slaven says:

    Eli guesses $1000

    Lilly thinks it is $21

    and Lani thinks it is $100

    Jillian Grant Which Slaven child will get the correct answer??????????

    Sarah Slaven Hold your horses Lani’s only up to the $1 coin bit

    Glenn Slaven Ooooh, I know, I know!!!!

    Sarah Slaven Shhhh we’ve got through to the 20 cents but I’m having to teach her how to use a calculator to divide by 5 for that bit.

    Jillian Grant Go Lani go…….it’s so exciting

    Its Alanah. is the answer $199.3

    well is it

    Jillian Grant Congratulations Lani. That’s exactly right. Sorry we had to take Quin for a quick walk along the beach as he hasn’t had any attention all day…

    Jillian Grant So now Daddy has raised over $1000……………wow that is great. I’m so very very proud of him.

  6. Jo says:

    Haha i think Izzy went back about 5 times for a turn at chopping his hair off!!! Glen looks really awesome with no hair though!!

  7. Kate says:

    Love that the kids wanted to help – congratulations to him for raising that money!

  8. Liz says:

    So… since Glenn raised twice what he had as his target… what’s happening to your head Mrs Slaven? ;-)

  9. Tania says:

    Brave, brave Glenn. And I think he does ‘near-baldy’ most spiffingly…

  10. Madeline says:

    Yay, Glen! How wonderful. And, he does look nice as a baldy. :)

  11. Aunty Kathryn says:

    Cool! :-) (I finally managed to have a look at the photos) Looks like a fun time! Glenn, it’s not that bad, it suits you! Congratulations on the money raised.

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