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Our Family has intolerances to certain foods Dairy being the big one, we have also cut out colours and preservatives and overly refined foods and are trying to eat as many whole foods as possible to help with Hyperactivity and Autism, isn’t our family fun? Sabrina is on a very restricted diet at the moment eliminating gluten and soy as well. When she is on the diet her reactive bowels settle down and she is skin rash free, but it is very hard for a little buba to see her sisters and brother eating her beloved cheese and Nutella sandwiches without her so we haven’t been buying it. To be fair it was mainly a treat at grandmas house anyway. But in a moment of inspiration I thought of an idea for an alternative.


We had all of these ingredients in the cupboard. The Nut paste is made of 100% nuts ground into a thick butter consistency nothing added at all, I would like to try and make my own with just hazelnuts to get a more authentic flavour but I do really appreciate the ease of just popping open a jar.

So here is the simplest recipe in the world.

1 tablespoon of nut paste

1 tablespoon of honey

1 teaspoon of coca powder

combine all ingredients and eat.



It only makes enough for one persons breakfast, two if you spread it thin but really who would want to do that. I would suggest if you want to try it to make up this quantity first to see if you like it then multiply to suit your needs.

Oh and by the way the kids are begging for it for every meal at the moment so it passes the kids’ test.

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3 Responses to Recipe for Dairy, Gluten, Soy and Sugar free chocolate nut spread.

  1. Sally Formosa says:

    Sarah did you make this recipe up or did you find it? Depending on your answer will depend on my response. If you found it well done but if you made it up WELL DONE!!! hehe… Love it. My Elijah (and myself) could eat nutella out of the jar, I would love to give this a go. I hate giving people tips but I feel that you might like this. I use a honey brand name Pureharvest, Name: Organic Honey. It is sold at Coles and its the only Honey sold in big supermarket chains that hasn’t been heated above 45degrees C ensuring the optimum levels of enzymes and nutritiona value when packing. Once heating the honey up you lose it all and it just becomes like liquid sugar. I hate sounding like a know it all and I am not it was just a good hint from someone who is in the know. Tastes great too. I would love to learn how to farm Bees. Maybe when moving to Wagga and getting a little bit of land I might. hehe… Keep up with your blog love reading it.

  2. Sarah Slaven says:

    Sally how dare you criticize the healthiness of my recipe! :-)hehe seriously though that’s great I had heard raw honey was the best but didn’t really know what that meant. I have also been looking for Cold pressed olive oil because that stuff has the best fats in it and I saw it on the Pureharvest stock list so I think
    are going to become my new friends.
    Oh and yes if you are insisting on moving to Wagga you have to set up a hobby farm then we’ll all come and visit to buy your wares.

  3. Lusi says:

    On ya mate. We made our own too for a while when the kids first went onto ‘safe’ foods as we called them. Ours could have the Sweet William brand choc spread in the health food aisle in Coles and that saved us the extra tears and work. I think it may be soy based though which would rule it out for you probably 🙁 We are still additive free here but Liji can stomach a little dairy these days (still on lactose free milk) and zippi can only have goats milk. Add in eating according to the Scriptures and still having to monitor the intake of high salicylate foods…I totally get where you are at. For the past 4 years we’ve been on dietary restrictions but overall it has helped HEAPS!!!!
    Thinking of you guys as you journey this 🙂
    Love lus x

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