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Oh the excitement! Sabrina loves the little bonnet that Tabitha at Small Things made for her.


I am in love with this little hat, it is soo sweet and it’s the first hat that I can actually keep on her head. I think the softness of the fabric doesn’t irritate her as much as other hats we’ve tried and also she can’t undo the knot so that helps. It doesn’t even fall off when she runs which she always does.


I love that it covers her neck and ears and protects them from the sun. DSC02268

Also It makes me think I have a little Elizabeth Bennet running around my backyard see those bonnet wearing Austen folk new a thing or to about practical fashion.

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5 Responses to Sabrina’s Bonnet

  1. Tab says:

    Ohh!! I love those curls peaking out, she makes it look so gorgeous!!! Seriously bonnets are great for toddlers and keeping the sun off. Addie is happy to keep hers on too, so they must be comfy.

  2. Jo says:

    Love It!! That is so gorgeous!!

  3. Sarah says:

    Tab your should start a business, we will be happy to be models for you just send us free samples of everything you make 🙂

  4. Jill Grant says:

    I think Tab should definately start an online bonnet business.
    I love it, the fabric is so soft and outdoorsy.
    Makes me want an adult one…..

  5. SO very, very, very sweet!

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