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We entered a game over at What we do all Day and were very lucky to be chosen. This pay it forward game is a little different to most blog giveaways, if you win you don’t just win a prize you win the opportunity to pass the excitement along to three other people.

The kids were so excited when our package turned up all the way from New York America. Inside was a large train map which the kids were thrilled about, way more than I thought they would over a map but you see they recognised so many of the place names from all the American movies and TV shows. They now believe they know people in Famous land. She also sent us a beautifully illustrated book called A Walk in New York which is a lovely story where the reader follows a father and son while they wander past the sights of New york. Lastly she sent a post card which was lovely, it’s always kinda nice to see a persons handwriting it feels more alive somehow and Lani really liked it because the picture on the front shows that it snows in New York ( see, her fantasy is to live in a place that snows. Oh and has stairs too)

If you would like to receive a pretty cool (not that I’ve picked what’s going in it yet) parcel from us and think that you would be able to pass something nice on to other people please leave a comment under this post. Don’t worry about where you live you can be anywhere to enter and if you don’t have a blog but would like to pay it forward on FriendFeed or Facebook that’s fine too.


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5 Responses to Would You Like To Pay It Forward?

  1. Sally says:

    I share Lani’s snow dwelling/staircase loving fantasy. Though I do technically have stairs now, my dream is more to have a cupboard under the stairs rather than just having stairs themselves. Having a white Christmas one year is on my bucket list :)
    I love looking at the subway map of New York, so many fun memories from our holiday last year!

  2. I’m not entering the game again :) but I’m so glad your kids liked the things we sent. And we don’t have nearly as much snow as some places in the States!

  3. I would love to participate in this Pay It Forward! I’ve done a couple of these, and they are always a lot of fun!

  4. Danielle says:

    I would love to participate. I don’t have a blog, but I could use the friendfeed. To be honest I would need it explained to me though. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. Sarah says:

    Great to have you involved Maryanne and Danielle it doesn’t matter at all about not having a Blog I think the heart of the thing is to take the joy you get from receiving a gift and pass it onto some else that may even be a neighbour it doesn’t have to be someone in the online community.

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