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We went to the Sydney Children’s festival again this year, actually we were very game and went twice. Lani and Lilly both wanted to have ago at the workshops this year and neither of them could pick one on the same day as her sister.


Lani went to a How to make a Monster workshop with and author and his artist friends. I think the point of her workshop was for him to steal ideas off the children to illustrate his book. Still she had fun and it gave her great insight into the process of writing a book.


Lilly donned the plastic goggles and joined a science workshop. She was one of the youngest in her group and was a little intimidated however with big brave Daddy close by she had a blast playing with gasses to make a glove stand up and create a volcano with a chemical reaction.


Eli had no interest in doing a workshop but there was enough free stuff going on to keep him busy. There were teams of people helping the children create, play and learn new skills. Two favourites for both Eli and Sabi were the Circus Drop Zone and the Creation Nation.


Eli making a house to add too the ever growing city in Creation Nation. He requested the photo on the right, he must have been proud, posed photo’s of Eli are rare.


My two girls with their favourite street art The Skippy Girls


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2 Responses to Sydney Children's festival 2011

  1. Madeline says:

    I’m so envious! What a fun filled couple of days. I wish there was something like this around my corner of the world!!

  2. sam gubby says:

    ha ha that’s pretty cool i wish i could do things like that

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