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Unlike last year’s Doctor Who party this year Eli and Sabi wanted completely different party themes. They also wanted most of the same guests and asked to have their parties on the same day. Because their parents are mad we said yes.


So on the same day, at exactly the same time Eli had a Princess Bride themed party and Sabi had a Peppa Pig one but I’m going to blog about them as if they were completely separate otherwise we’d be here all day.




Every day for the last two weeks Sabi has been asking to hear the names of the little friends she had invited to her party. She would start with ‘”Who’s coming to my party?” I would give her a name “Finn’s coming” “and then who, and then who?” and she would bounce up and down till we had gone through them all.


So on the day of the party, when everyone started to arrive she squealed with joy when each of her guests appeared and call out loudly “You were right, they did come to my party!”


She was very spoilt and got lots of lovely presents and lots of help and instructions on how to open them.


JHfzxSabi had clear ideas on what she wanted to have happen at her party. She wanted lots of jumping, and jumping in muddy puddles that didn’t get her new skirt dirty. She also wanted bubbles, the parachute and pass the parcel.


As far as birthday parties in this house, where I’ve been asked to have a real sized pirate ship, a Tardis that is really bigger on the inside and a Fire Swamp with real flames, that list was easy peasy.

We started her games by playing some piggy themed music and getting the kids to jump around a circle of cushions. We then played musical muddy puddles where the kids danced around when the music was playing but when we stoped the music they had to find a muddy puddle to jump in. I cut the puddles out of felt and zigzag stitched around the outside.


Next we played bubbles


It was so cute watching their excited expressions as the bubbles fell about them.


and watching their franticly flapping arms trying to catch every last bubble.


After the bubbles I placed the muddy puddles in a circle on the floor and asked the kids to sit on a muddy puddle for pass the parcel.


We played the Bing Bong song as the parcel went around, a Peppa Pig classic and only mildly annoying to hear over and over again.


Each layer had a mini Peppa Pig book and a chocolate in it.


After the Pass the Parcel game the little kids had a run around in the backyard. Sabrina loves her new Tent and Tunnel and is very excited to be just like her friend who has one.


More jumping, this time with cool trampoline tricks, I think we fulfilled the jumping requirements for this party.



These two are so adorable together, I just love this photo of the two of them. Glenn however, who is already stressing about having three girls, said “Whoa, what’s that kid doing to my daughter.” I tried to explain that he must of been getting some sand out of her eye but I don’t think he believed me.


We had a collection of Peppa Pig girls at the party it was so cute watching them all playing together. They were both keen to show me that they had very strong arms and could swing by themselves.



Such a cheeky boy, all our babies are getting so big now.



There was so much excitement bursting out of this girl when the cake came out that Grandma had to hover around her for fear that she would bounce and flap herself off the deck.

This cake, made by Sabrina’s Godmother, was the first thing Sabi requested when asked about birthday presents. I had been Googling Peppa Pig cakes thinking I would make one of the flat face ones but she saw a tall one like this and fell in love. I was a bit daunted by the prospect of making one. I’ve never done anything with fondant before or anything that neat for that matter. Usually I come up with some crazy idea, chuck icing at it and hope for the best.


So this year I handed over the cake making responsibility to Andrea. It’s the first year I haven’t made one of the kids cakes and I felt a mild pang of heartache every time Sabi announced to people before the party that her Godmumma was making her a pig cake. But if I was going to be relinquishing my self appointed role of Not-alow-yourself-enough-time-for your-own-crazy-idea Midnight Baker then I’m glad it was to someone with such spectacular talent. Andrea did such and amazing job and Sabi was beyond thrilled with it


Andrea did such an amazing job and Sabi was beyond thrilled with it, I’m so glad we asked her to make the cake and I didn’t convince Sabi she would be happier with the flat faced one I was going to make. Andrea has a Facebook page Fancy Fondant for her cake making business you should go and check out some of her other cakes I’ve always thought that they looked so creative and professionally made now I can add that they taste yummy too.



Sabrina took control of her cake from the moment it came out, she not only wanted to blow out the candles and cut the cake but insisted on placing the candles on the top herself and removing them when it was all done.

Then it was time for her guest to leave. Lots of goodbye squishes.


I did stuff up though and completely forgot about the parachute till most of her little guest had gone home. In fact I didn’t remember at all, she came running up to me just as this lot were trying to leave holding it and saying in an increasingly panicked voice “What about the parachute?”


Luckily our very understanding friends who were here for Eli’s party were happy to flap it about above her head before they left even thought they thought it was a little babyish. Some even got underneath and pretended to be as excited as she was, they really are a great bunch of kids.


These are the little party bags I sewed for Sabi’s girly guests, I made pencil cases for the boys but forgot to take a single photo of them before they bounced off to their own houses. Granda made a Peppa head shaped cookie cutter, he’s so clever, that I decorated, they got a little squished though because Sabi helped me wrap them and sort them into the bags. Thankyou to everyone who came Sabrina was so happy you could come to celebrate her special day.


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3 Responses to Sabrina’s Peppa Pig Fourth Birthday Party

  1. Jo says:

    Sorry Glen, he actually was giving her a kiss 🙂

  2. Glenn says:

    I knew it!

  3. Liz P says:

    You forgot to mention that, on top of the cake tasting and looking great it was also completely gluten and dairy free!

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