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I meant to post these straight after the last post which was what? Three weeks ago now?? maybe Agggh! It seams a little weird to still be rabbiting on about our tenth wedding anniversary so long after the actual event, but hey you only get one don’t you and these photos were just too pretty not to post. (Notice how I’m neatly avoiding admitting to the reasons for the total lack of motivation of the last three weeks. It had a lot to do with kids and snotty noses trust me you don’t want to know)


Anyhoo begin random photo dump now!


These ones with the blue water were taken at the….wait for it….Blue Lake at Jenolan caves. Winner of most original lake title. The blue has something to do with calcium carbonate mineral deposits, Google it if you are interested I just think it’s pretty.


Water trickles out of crevices at the base of the mountain fed by the underground river system that lies hidden from view. A man made wall contains the blue water scooping it together in a giant bowl, protecting it from the natural fall of the valley walls around it. Until the ever-increasing water pushes its bounds and cascades over the wall forming a sheet of glistening white water as tall as a house. This intrusion into the natural environment was built to be a hydroelectric pumping station ages ago. Now the relicts of industry past look as comfortable in their moss and lichen coats as the ancient rocks they lie next to.   DSC03796

There is a very good reason for visiting the blue lake early in the morning. And the reason is that patch of popping bubbles and the darting black shadow in the next photo. I was trying to get a nice shot of the colour when all of a sudden there he was, swimming around right in front of me. Squee!! I’ve never seen a platypus in the wild before they are notoriously shy and although it is known that a few live in the blue lake I just didn’t except to see him, I mean I’ve been to places were people have promised a sighting and stood for hours to no avail and this guy just popped up, how exciting.


Of course I had to get a better photo so poor Glenn had to stand around waiting and waiting for me while I waited and waited for…


…this and…




It’s such a beautiful and unearthly place bursting with opportunities to see the co-inhabitants of God’s creation that us suburbanites don’t usually have the privilege of meeting. We saw a platypus, possums, wallabies,lyrebirds as well as a myriad of darting tweety things too fast to attach a definite label to.


Oh and here’s my new favourite rock want a close up?


Doesn’t he look just like a dragons head, too cool. And I shall name him Smaug and I’ll love him and hold him and…. ok that’s getting weird.


Look Glenn’s feet on a rock


and some clouds


and a bird that goes this way


and that way. Have you ever seen a birdy go this way and that?


Us looking at water, looking at water is cool.


A banksia, when Lani saw this she said “Aren’t they the bad ones” May Gibbs has a lot to answer for.


Can’t say going up stairs is cool because you get hot, but otherwise stairs are cool. these ones, when they are not trying to fall off the side of the mountain go both up and down.


The rest of the photos are just pretties I just couldn’t resist capturing the beautiful glammed up trees in their living lichen dresses. Those trees are not opposed to a bit of foofaraw, nothing slinky about the Australian bush.


Wow just reread this post and it’s full of wired obscure references how funny didn’t even notice I was doing that, Glenn and I talk this way it’s kind of like our language. Have fun trying to translate, tell me in the comments if you get any references.

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7 Responses to Blue Water, White Water a First and My New Favourite Rock

  1. Fiona Lavender says:

    LOVE the platypus shots!!!
    And is it strange that the references that I read (I admit, I scan read, so didn’t read them all), I understood fine? haha. I must be weird too. :) Love the dragon one. haha.

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks Fiona he was worth the wait.
    I think there’s 7 corrupted quotes/references in there and yes some of them are fairly blatant.

  3. Joy says:

    GREAT photos Sarah…and fancy seeing a platypus!!

  4. Glenn Slaven says:

    So I found one of the references on youtube, “I will call him George”

  5. Tab says:

    Stunning pics Sarah, witty commentary too – and I love the dragon rock.

  6. Talia says:

    Wow, amazings photos Sarah!!

    And how awesome is getting to see a Platypus like that! I think I only saw one in the wild once when I was in year 7 on a camp or something, and even then it was just the beak!

  7. Carolyn says:

    Pretty sure that bird is a New Holland honey-eater . . . plenty of them in our garden!

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