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Who now probably hates me for posting this, oh well she lives ages away and death stares over distance just aren’t all that threatening.

A while ago I mentioned that I had gotten into a bit of a blogging block, not so much not knowing what to write just having to much and not knowing how to start. Well writing about the last time we saw Jill is still a major whole in this blog, if I’m going to think of this place as a record of very important stuff that is.

My gorgeous (as you can see from the photo above) little big Skin and Blister won a heap of money and instead of spending it having fruity malt loaf and walnut whips sent out from England she decided to use the money to ship us all up to see her, well we flew actually. I have been wanting to write about it since we went which was uh hum…last November, oops, but on top of all the stuff with Eli’s diagnosis how on earth do you figure out which of the hundreds of photos of the trip are the most important, how do you fit such a special time in our lives into one blog post.???  and then when you leave it so long how do you start writing about something that happened last year??? Also I can’t find the photo’s of the flight they are on here somewhere but the computer has sent them deep into the piles of unlabelled photos and not kept them with the rest of the photo’s from the trip. but I’ve decided, mainly because my conscience has been pricked by the fact that Mum and Dad are visiting her now, that I’m just going to write about the memories as they come. Stuff the order of importance of date and time and all that organizational stuff from now on if you read this blog you are going to be confronted with random "Oh that reminds me of one time in Mackay……. " posts like that really annoying friend that once went somewhere cool and now wont shut up about it.

oh by the way Skin and blister is rhyming slang for my dear sister in case you haven’t figured out who the crazy googly eyed lady is. 


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4 Responses to Introducing my Skin and Blister

  1. Tab says:

    Wow, what an awesome sister!!

  2. Jill Grant says:

    I am pretty good hey Tab, just look at those wonderful photo’s NOT.
    I love the looks on the kids faces, Eli “why is Aunty Jill doing such a stupit thing?” the rest of the them “wow Aunty Jill is so cool and funny she makes me laugh all the time”
    Looking forward to seeing more of the memories. Maybe you could get the kids to dictate to you about some random photos!!!
    Rehash the little minds memories>>>>>>

  3. Liz says:

    Lillian has inherited your sister’s mouth-shape and smile. :-)

  4. Jill Grant says:

    poor Lilly

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