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well actually he hardly spoke the whole time he was here, rude thing.


If a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush how much is one on your lounge chair worth?


Worth a whole lot of squealing excitement if what happened at our house is anything to go by. Which of course meant that the poor petrified bird took to the limited lounge room skies flying round and round pooping in fear.   DSC04099

After my super human powers of persuasion finally kicked in and I was able to get all four excitable youngsters lined up at one end of the lounge room I carefully, so as not to send the poor frantic bird into another flying spiral of poop, opened the window at the other. I calmly but sternly told the children that if we stayed still so that the bird felt safe he would fly across to the open window and be on his merry way.


All was looking good till….


…the silly bird decided to stop off on the coffee table for a chat with our perturbed pooch.

There was absolute silence in the house for oh a good three seconds before Eli said "why isn’t he going out the window" I told them in hurried whispers that we just needed to wait and be very very quiet and very very still. Do you know how hard it is to keep still and quiet one scared dog, two giggly girls, one hyperactive baby and a boy who is sure the best coarse of action would be to run up to the bird and yell "Go out the window" at it while helpfully gesturing the intended direction with all available limbs?

I was pretty sure the backlog of noise that had been dammed up inside my children was ready to burst and I was already planning the poor bird who was surely just about to die of a heart attack in my lounge rooms funeral when believe it or not Sabrina saved the day. She saw her In the Night Garden book that she had borrowed from the library on the floor and asked me to read "Mi Mi oh no"

I thought well if it will keep the kids quiet I’ll suffer through another night garden read through. I was pretty sure that once I started berating the silly Nincky Nonck for Oh No once again leaving the poor Pontipines behind the bird would realise this was not the house for him and leave.

But no, I now have no respect for this birds taste in literature, he stayed for the whole book then as I read the last word nodded one last time at the dog and flew out the window.


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2 Responses to A little bird told me

  1. Well, you and the bird had quite a meeting. I’ve never seen a bird like that. I’m guessing that is because I don’t live in Australia. What kind is it?

  2. Sarah says:

    It’s called a Magpie Lark but they are more commonly know round here as a Pee Wee as they are very vocal birds and sit in the trees calling “Pee Wee’ to each other. This little guy’s very bold and has been inside again since these photos.

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