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Once a fortnight we join with a large pack of home-schooling kids and take to the ice. Well the kids do I stand around freezing to death occasionally calling out through chattering teeth "Yes sweetie of course I’m watching"


Lilly and Eli have actual real lessons with a actual real ice skating teacher who very excitingly has the same name as me. Poor girl has to listen to just how exciting that is every time we go. She is also the best teacher in the world because she knows about Doctor Who. She is even performing a Doctor Who inspired piece for an upcoming Ice dancing competition so she knows it well enough to hold her own in a conversation with Eli.


I am totally surprised at how well they have taken to the ice. I was sure we would have many gentle weeks of hanging onto the side and edging our way around the circle but no they are middle ice junkies. 


Lani hasn’t had a lesson yet she is to keen to hang out with the social pack but I’m going to strongly encourage her to next term. The other girls there are very nice and, although they can all skate competently, have slowed right down to accommodate Lani’s snail paced progress but there’s only so long you can dawdle when you are meant to fly so I’m hoping Lani will let the teacher giver her some pointers before the pack moves on without her.

Lilly, after initially being terrified of falling, now thinks it’s hilarious and intentionally throws herself at the ice constantly. Her teacher assures me it’s just a phase and most kids go through it then she kindly added "at least she’s not licking the ice while she’s down there" I get the feeling my name buddy has had some interesting classes in her career.

Eli has chosen speed over perfection and instead of concentrating on his Robot Stepping or Step Step Slides has stuck with a sort of wave pattern with his legs accompanied with frantic Breast Stroke swimming arms. This technique does create a lot of speed and momentum but looks strangely reminiscing of an octopus wearing skates. Again his teacher assures me that one in five kids learn that way and to just give him time. 


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One Response to Fighting the chill of winter with ice.

  1. I can’t roller skate, ice skate, roller blade or water ski, when we went snow skiing a few years ago it was hell for me.

    Teaching kids to get this balance helps very very much as a grown up…from someone who never got it, I really feel I missed out.

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