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On Wednesday 17 books relinquished their most cherished characters handing them over to the care of excitable youngsters who we subsequently, as any sensible person would, invited around to play.

Book Week is a magical day, yes it is a day to celebrate the hard work of talented Authors and Illustrators. A day to appreciate the characters they gift us after many creative hours labouring over the birth of a new life albeit a one confined to the page, but it is also a day were we can put aside self and live the life of our heroes of fiction. Today we can talk to animals, follow white rabbits and fly in a blue box to planets normally held captive by time and space, today is magic.


Goldilocks and her three bears (and apple)


Alice in Wonderland


The Eleventh Doctor Who


Pippi Longstocking


The best group shot of the day, Sabi was meant to be in the large gap in the middle but never mind.


One of the books we read was called My Uncle’s Donkey. It is a cute little book with very retro micky mouse style illustrations of a donkey running amuck in the uncles house. The story elicits delightful responses from the children along the lines of “That’s naughty he really shouldn’t be in the fridge, I would never do that!” And “Ahhh now he’s eating the flowers…..aren’t they Vincent Van Gough flowers?” and yes they were, the book is full of little pop culture references that you can explore in greater detail with older children.

I did love the fact that when the book inquired at the end not one of our kids thought it would be a good idea to have the Donkey come and live at their house.


For a craft we used one of the donkey drawings from the book and the starter line My uncle’s donkey……. to create our own donkey scenario using drawing and collage just like the book.


There was of course lots of free play opportunities and it was nice to see the kids inventing their own games.This one involved two sitting people and two standing ones that occasionally ran around the sitting ones like crazy then stood still. I’m not sure what the point was but I’m certain it existed after the amount of planning I witnessed before they started.


The second book we read was called The Tall Man and the Twelve Babies. This book is quirky and funny and delightfully nonsensical with a very tall man living in a very tiny apartment with six baby boys all named Alistair and six baby girls all named Charlene. And to top it off the babies aren’t very well behaved. To make the chaos come alive I hid laminated copies of the twelve babies around the Shed (School/playroom) each one had an action verb written on the back. When one was found the finder had to read the word then we all did the action such as jump, shake, cry……I think by the end of it we all felt the tall man’s pain.  At one point in the story the poor tall man is stuck in a cat flap and pulled in alternative directions by the Alistairs and Charlenes so we played a game of tall Man Tug of War with Charlenes (girls) verses Alistairs(boys). The girls knocked the boys socks off, twice, go girl power!

We finished with a colouring in of the Tall man complete with crazy hair that will be turned into a book mark.


Wet crafting hanging on the line drying oh so nicely when the weathers fine….


A glimpse of the madness involved in feeding so many, this was about half I’ll let you imagine the noise.


The theme for book week this year was One World Many Stories so we had to have a world cake to celebrate. My kids have also been looking at different stories from around the world and decorated the windows with a pulled apart sticker book on national costumes of the world so they felt that they had participated in the theme.


The last book we read, Maudie and Bear, won it’s category and looked just like it had been pulled of the shelves of history. For me this book works best as a one on one with a child where the little one you are reading with can snuggle up on your lap and pour over the delicate illustrations. I fell in love with the illustrations, their unfinished sketchiness and visible pencil lines gave the book an exquisite fragility, like it was merely a passing glimpse into a time gone by and if we weren’t careful we would loose the moment before we truly understood it. They added so much story to the book, filling in the blanks between one carefully succinct line to the next. The title character Maudie however is neither careful nor delicate and is instead the essence of every true child, self focused, hot tempered, excitable and sometimes rude but steadfast bear loves her through it all. by the end of the collection of short stories you just know Maudie with turn out well adjusted, who wouldn’t living with such strong non judging unconditional love.

For the craft for Maudie and the Bear the kids put eyes, nose and ears on and then stuffed a bear I had sewn. I’m hoping they can find the time to learn how to stich up his bottom because the poor bears left here very uncomfortable with their bottoms pined shut.      DSC04714-2

They seemed to have fun, I hope they did I loved having them all around.


The Doctor will see you now.

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3 Responses to Book Week 2011

  1. Lusi says:

    Wow! How cool are you!?! Looks like you guys had a rocking time! Love the costumes, activities and the cake!! Way to go Sarah :-)
    Love to you all,
    Lus x

  2. Talia says:

    Wow, LOVE their costumes!! Great job!!

  3. Madeline says:

    Y’all totally win the coolest costume awards! Levi is getting so into costumes. I need to get to work on collecting and making them.

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