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Dalek cake

This is the cake I made for Elijah and Sabrina’s Doctor Who themed birthday party. It is by no means an expertly or elaborately decorated cake but it is fun and reasonably achievable even if you don’t have mad cake making skills. If you want to see photos of how the rest of the party went look here.

I also have a tute for a Pirate Smash Cake which is less Doctor Whoish but cool none the less and easier to make.

Most of the ingredients

I wanted to take one of those “this is all you will need to make this cake ” photos only I forgot the milk, and the mint slice biscuits, oh and the food colouring. So this is all you will need to make this cake as along as you add a bunch of other stuff.

Chocolate dome

Start by lining a bowel with tin foil. Melt a family sized block of chocolate and pour it into the bowel turning it so that the chocolate coats the sides. Pour the excess melted chocolate back into the bowel you melted it in and put the mould bowel in the fridge to harden the chocolate. After a few minutes take it out of the fridge and use the left over melted chocolate that has cooled and thickened to add a second thicker layer around the rim. After this first coat is set completely I repeated the process using two blocks of chocolate in all.

Cake body done

Make two cakes one round and one square let them cool completely, even put them in the fridge if you want.

Put the round one on top of the square sandwiching it together with butter icing.

Cut three of the four corners off leaving one point sticking out from under your round cake, this is the front of your Dalek.

cake with icing

Ice your cake in your favourite Dalek colour, they come in all the colours of the rainbow now so you have a few to pick from.

Now if you look at the picture you will be able to see I was having a very bad icing day, I’m sure you’ll do much better, like I said this in no expertly made cake.

Dalek brains

Use jelly lollies to create a one eyed tentacle Dalek monster on top of the cake. I wanted one of those eye ball jelly lollies but when I sent Glenn out at 10 the night before the party the shops were all out. Oops, note for future Sarah “try planning ahead’

With his helmet

Anyhoo once you’re happy with your Dalek take your chocolate dome out of the fridge and place it on top.

More details added

Coat the top with a the same colour icing as the body.

Wrap flat liquorish around the joint between the heat and body and also around the base, feel free to be much neater than I was.

Choc-mint plunger

Use chocolate buttons as the Dalek dots, again late night shops were out so we had to use cooking chocolate drops, not as nice but the kids didn’t seem to mind.

For the plunger I impaled a Mint Slice biscuit with a chop stick (oh yeah you’ll need chopsticks too) and glued them together with melted chocolate, you need to put it in the fridge to set.

I used another Mint Slice for the eye stork, adding detail lines with melted chocolate and gluing on an M’n’M as his eye light. I chose not to worry about the stork part of the eye stork as I didn’t want to jam anything into the chocolate shell in case it broke.

To make his little ear lights I stuck two marshmallow onto a tooth pick and dipped them in chocolate then stuck the tooth pick into an orange and put it in the fridge to set, you need two of these. When they were set I pulled the tooth pick out before gluing them and the eye stork onto his head with icing sugar.

The finished Dalek cake

This is the finished Dalek Dude. I used a whisk beater for his shooty gun thing which was easer than trying to figure out how to make it edible and also added to his over all cartoony cuteness. One thing I should mention though, we put the candles under the metal whisk which of course heated up when the flames licked all over it. This meant that poor Eli got a bit of a shock when he tried to pull it out of the cake and he felt how hot it was, he didn’t get burnt but it was an avoidable moment of panic.

We let our little doctor do battle with the Dalek and smash his head in, you will need something fairly hard to do this we used a wooden sonic screwdriver the kids had made earlier in the party. One word of warning though be prepared for totally chaos and extreme levels of excitement.

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3 Responses to How to Make a Dalek Smash Cake

  1. Alex says:

    Amazing Sarah! I can see I should really start planning now for birthday parties of the future.

  2. Jill Grant says:

    i can’t seem to find the 2 giant blocks of chocolate in your “all you need to make this cake” photo?????

  3. Duffy says:

    Omg lv doctor who so great

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