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Our Littlest daughter Sabrina just turned three, along with Fish Berries and chocolate (her vitamins) all she asked for her birthday was Doctor Who. I thought about getting her one of the figurines but she loves to cuddle her toys and I wasn’t sure how well the small plastic Doctor would fit that bill. Unsnugglyness aside I was pretty sure she’d break it too so I decided to have a go at making Mr Eleventh myself. He’s only the third doll I’ve made and I don’t know how to follow patterns, I just wing it so it was anyone’s guess how he’d turn out. DSC05224

Sonic made from toothpick, some string and a bead.


Dolls clothes are soooo hard! I have never even made adult clothes so that didn’t help and way to late I realized with a bit of tweaking barbie clothes patterns may have worked. I used a pattern for the pants but the rest I just guessed at which is the main reason there are no collars on anything.


Her big brother told me he needed as fez.


close up of sleeve detail, it may not be perfect work but I used press studs so she can totally undress him if she wants to.


One very excited little miss three.


She recognised him as Doctor Who straight away and started a little conversation with him so I know she likes him.

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2 Responses to Sabi’s Doctor Who Doll

  1. Jane says:

    your Doctor is absolutely darling! great job!

  2. Kathy says:

    He’s fabulous!

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