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Earrings and pendant

Our family are pretty much classic Whovians, surviving the long months between the sprinkling of episodes the BBC tease us with each season by re-watching the ones we own on DVD. So it was really nice when we found good friends who were not only as obsessed as we were but had the whole series of Sarah Jane Adventures on DVD and were willing to loan them out. Yay new Who stuff!

All in the box

So when Lani was invited to their little Wholing’s birthday party and I found out she had just had her ears pierced I knew what to make her. Thanks to my friend over at Kyani Lazuli for the ear ring backs and the loan of her super-strong glue and invaluable advice, you should check out her site she makes some really cool stuff I’m after the personalised pendant necklace, maybe for Christmas…..hint, hint….you listening Glenn?


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One Response to Doctor Bling

  1. Jo says:

    I have been waiting for pics of these, they look totally awesome!!

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