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This is where we found Eli Easter morning I guess he was keen to start the lounge room egg hunt.


We have never encouraged our children to believe in the Easter bunny or Santa for that matter, I feel it’s lying and as a Christian I can’t justify it in my mind.  The bible clearly states that deceit is wrong and I can’t bare the thought of my children loosing confidence in my honesty. I want them to grow up knowing that their parents will always be approachable and that all questions no matter how big or small will be answered in truth.


That being said we still have an egg hunt every year, it’s a game just like a treasure hunt at a party and just like they know that the pirate who hide the treasure chest in the backyard was Mummy and Daddy they also know that the chocolate eggs were hidden by us as well. I have to say to anyone out there who feels a spark of conscience over misleading their children that the excitement of Easter egg hunts even when you know that there is no such thing as the Easter bunny is still extreme.  I sometimes think even more so because they don’t have to doubt and wonder about the oversized bunny business they just have to enjoy the thrill of finding chocolate and we will never have that moment where they learn the truth and feel robbed.


Except Sabi didn’t really get it this year she thought we were finding toys….


…till her brother helped her out then she never looked back.


Fuzzy morning hair and their chocolate stash.


I kind of stuffed up though, I left Glenn’s egg in the car so his Easter treat was a melted blob of chocolate goo.

After all the eggs were found we piled into the car to head off to church only Lani started to feel sick so we got out of the car and pilled back into the house and did the Church bit at home.


I printed off colouring in sheets and we made a salt and four based finger paint.


I read from the bible to them about Jesus’ burial, resurrection and ascension. Then we discussed what we had read and prayed together.


So apart from Lani vomiting it was a very sweet family Easter.

Glenn and I also looked at a few Easter clips on Utube the first one we watched in Church on Good Friday and the second is just cool. hope you all had a Vomit free Easter.

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5 Responses to Easter 2011

  1. Madeline says:

    Minus the puking it looks like your littles had a blast! We don’t do the Easter bunny or Santa either, but Levi still enjoys the heck out of the holidays. He’s been asking if we could do Easter again. And, for awhile there he seemed pretty determined that Jesus was in the Easter eggs! Kids! 🙂

  2. Sarah Slaven says:

    Your Levi is so cute I love his imagination.
    I’m not a anti Santaist though, I do ask the kids not to let the cat out of the bag for other kids because it is something that bothered me I know it honestly doesn’t bother other people. mostly they play along with their friends games however lately they have been dragging me into it telling their friends that their Mum said he doesn’t exists…. I think I may have some mum’s out to get me soon. Sorry.

  3. Jo says:

    I was surprised with what izzy was saying yesterday because after Lani came over and told her we had a talk about it and basically said that even if there was no actual bunny, the bunny (and chicks and eggs) symbolise new life and rebirth and we celebrate that because Jesus died then rose up and gave us all the opportunity for a new life and rebirth etc.
    By Easter she was totally believing in the easter bunny again!
    Which i was happy with and encouraged as i want to keep her innocence and belief in the magical as long as possible!! (Plus i still believe in magic anyway! Who says God didnt create unicorns!)

  4. Sarah says:

    Of course God made unicorns they roamed the earth in the time of the dragons:-) I knew I’d get in trouble over that post I wrote it before we met up and was thinking during the incident at the table how incredibly preachy it sounded. I completely forgot Izzy still beloved in the bunny all I wanted to say was the kids still had fun even without that bit hope I didn’t cause offense and I’ll have to tell the know it all that if she doesn’t keep her gob shut I’ll keep her away from Izzy during festive times. Again sorry.

  5. Jo says:

    Haha no worries! The kids both kind of know, but choose to believe anyway and dont want to hear otherwise! No harm done though!!

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